Fidget spinner: Are This a good stress reliever?

Fidget spinner as a stress reliever toy.

Stress is a serious problem, not only for adults, children can suffer such problems, and due to that, the stress relievers are becoming popular over and over, and one of this is the fidget spinner.

Are Fidget spinner good stress relievers?

fidget spinner as a stress relieverAccording to the definition, the fidget spinner helps to people not only with stress, also it helps with some who have problems to focusing, But They are wrong.

I’m not saying It’s a scam or anything, the problem is most of the people think It’s only spin it and It can solve everything. It helps to improve focusing skills or relieve stress, but if you know to do It correctly.

So… How to use It correctly?

  • Meditation: Usually It’s a good method to relieve stress and improve focus, but It can work in certain situations, for example to be in a quiet place to focus in one simple thing. Unfortunately, most of the people can be in a situation where their work are not the most quiet places in the world, that makes difficult to meditate enough to get the stress levels down. but if You have a fidget spinner, just take a couple minutes, sit down while You keep your back straight, spin It and focus only in the sound It makes while You watch It. when It stop spin, probably You’ll fell better because You isolate the noise enough to meditate and reduce stress.
  • Pomodoro Technique: For those who need a way to manage time, the pomodoro technique is a good method, but very hard to follow if You have problems to focus. The only thing You have to do is to use the fidget spinner in the short breaks (5 min), when the short break finishes, You can feel relaxed and focused.

Final conclusions.

The fidget spinner is in fact an amazing and surprising toy that relieves stress while You can use It correctly, I just shown You some ways to use It, and You can find more on your own…

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Best wishes to You. I hope this review have been helpful to You and your stress management.

Edward Jimenez.